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Coronavirus: Flipkart temporarily suspends its all service in India

India’s top eCommerce platform Flipkart announced on Wednesday it has temporarily suspended its all operations and services after Indian govt announced a 21-day countrywide lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Flipkart posted a notice on its website it says “Hello fellow Indians, We are temporarily suspending operations. Your needs have always been our priority and our promise is that we will be back to serve you, as soon as possible,”

flipkart suspends it service

Flipkart rival amazon also stopped sales of nonessential products on its website to serve the customers in need of essential items. It says “To serve customers’ most urgent needs while also ensuring safety of our associates, we are prioritizing all our resources to serve products that are high priority for customers. Other products are temporarily unavailable for customers. “.

Ecommerce delivery of medicines, food products, and medical equipment are exempted from lockdown, but due to lack in supplies of the products make the eCommerce player fully or partially suspend their service.



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