Apple watch series 6 may have a touch ID fingerprint sensor

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Technology giant Apple is planning to bring a touch id fingerprint sensor in its upcoming Apple watch series 6. When you unlock your iPhone, apple watch automatically gets unlocked. But to unlocking in standalone, you need to enter a password or passkey.

It is not clear how the touch id will be implemented, as the digital crown present in current watches already used for capturing an ECG. Some reports suggest, Apple planning to bring blood oxygen detection and improved ECG in watch series 6.

The technology to detect blood-oxygen levels is already present in apple watch since the first version but was not used, but newer series 6 watches may able to use them. It will send a notification when it detects blood oxygen level below a certain level.

In terms of design, there will be no major changes. Watch series 6 will have the design of Apple watch series 5. However, the latest apple watch may come with the latest apple watchOS 7. But Apple series 2 will not be eligible to update to watchOS7.

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